Jul 26

Sharing Interests

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I booked a day long date with a Newcastle escort agency companion a couple of weeks ago. I have plenty of activities for us to do for a day, maybe even two. There is one particular gal that I ask for each and every time because we share the same interests and have a lot in common with each other.

I plan on rising early and riding bikes at a local trail nearby for some exercise and some needed fresh air. After that we are going to go to the beach depending on the weather to do some swimming and lay on the beach and talk to each other throughout the day.

At dusk, we will be watching an hour long firework display that I am invited to the V.I.P. party every year. I am looking forward to having a really romantic night with my favorite girl.

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Jul 19

Working Tips

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I learned a lot fast when I decided to become a Newcastle escorts companion. The appointments are all scheduled around the client’s needs, their budgets and their upmost desires. I never imagined that anyone with a disability or injury would call for appointments, but they do! There may be a certain sexual fetish that one wants or demands. The number of hours worked are completely up to the escort. You may have some bills to pay or just using it for extra spending cash.

You always want to make sure that you are protected at all times and that you are safe. Never do you want to put yourself in a bad situation, it happens unfortunately. Personally, I have a great client list and I focus on them and them only. This way I always get call backs from them and I am already familiar with them through previous conversations.

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Jun 24

Just Another Suit

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As another long, drawn-out work week passes, I have come to realize that I need something more exciting in my life. Everything I do consists of work, sleep, eating and paying bills. As I sit here tonight, I try and think of when the last time I had fun was. But I can’t. This worries me as I used to be a fun-loving, entertaining guy and now I am nothing but another suit roaming around the company. So I have decided to put a stop to this and bring a little fun into my life my own way. On my lunch break today I called Manchester escorts to provide me a lady to take out on the town on Friday evening. I have never taken a risk like this before and I am finding myself to be very excited about something for the first time in a very long time.

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Dec 17

Bringing Life Into Relationships

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When marriage/relationships start to fall apart, a lot of people tend to give up on the entire situation and person. They feel like it is a helpless cause and they just turn the other way and walk. But like I said, a lot of people, not all of them. Me and my husband recently had a fall out due to intimacy issues from him being away so much. Before we let it destroy what we had, we quickly thought of ways to bring life back into something that was once bright and exciting. The first and last thing that we tried that worked amazingly was mature phone sex. Now every time my husband goes on a work related trip we spend our evenings talking on the phone and having a little fun with our conversations. It is certainly a great way to re-spark what you once had.

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Dec 1

Who cares?

I’m a landlord in Notting Hill with twenty different properties that I rent out to single tenants. They are mostly one bed-roomed flats but I also have quite a few bed-sits too.

My tenants range from young professional men to elderly women who don’t want to live in a nursing home. There are three Surrey escorts that rent out bed-sits from me too. I really don’t have a problem with the fact that they are entertaining gentlemen at home. They have never admitted it to me but I’m fairly certain from the way they act that they are earning money from it. They are always dressed scantily and they all come and go at all times of the day and night. They all drive very expensive cars and are never late with the rent, unlike some of my other tenants. As long as I am getting paid on time and they are not being a nuisance to anyone, I really don’t care.

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Nov 13

Time for Revenge

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I am not sure how deep I am digging my hole here with this, but I am calling Brighton escorts tomorrow for a bit of revenge. My ex-girlfriend and I just broke up last week and she is already going out with other men on numerous dates. So I figured why not? I will call the agency tomorrow and have them set me up with a gorgeous woman that will leave my ex blubbering and sad for a month strait. I know everything seems a bit harsh, but I am not going to sit here and let her think she is ruining my life. If I did that she would be happy and right now I am not ready nor willing for that to happen. Two can easily play at this game and for some reason, I can see myself winning this little game she has so kindly gone and started.

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